Build awesome geolocation based solutions

Use GeoSimulator to test your geolocation apps globally & GeoMarketer for proximity marketing. No need to muck around with GPX, KML etc.

Start testing your iOS & Android apps with GeoSimulator.

With our easy to use APIs or SDKs, you can simulate user motion in your location aware application without roaming the streets or wasting gas money. This way you know exactly how your users will experience your app in various locations all over the world – right from your desktop!

Go ahead & implement full-featured, real-time location services, with minimal time and effort. You can test geolocation based alerts, trigger events & webhooks based on geolocation proximity to or presence in arbitrary paths/ neighborhoods/ geolocation “zones”… all from our web portal or the SDKs.

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Geofences – circles, arbitrary shapes, around your chosen locations..

..however, wherever.

Create geofences around all your stores with 1 click.

Testing your app around all your store locations? No problem! Just upload your store locations using a CSV via the web portal and you instantly get circular geofences around those locations.

Need a simple geofence with a circle? Easy.

Testing your app around a single location and just want to try out a circular geofence? Simple – tell us where the center is, what radius you need and we will give you random geolocations within that circle.

Create arbitrary shaped geofences globally.

Testing your app in random neighborhoods? Want to test your geolocation app in SoHo? Chelsea? Random, arbitrary shapes around cities or towns around the world? Quite easy to do.. just point, click, create those random geofences and you can simulate geolocations anywhere inside those geofences.

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