GeolocationTech was born at Nisos Technologies. We used to created web and mobile software products for companies. Considering that most mobile apps these days benefit substantially from geolocation awareness and geolocation contextual data, our customers are no different.

Much like you we used to test geolocation apps manually. Since our development team was in India, we could not robustly test things in USA (where all our clients were). We scratched our itch, created a platform that helps us test things in USA, while coding it in India. That’s how this project was born. Hope you enjoy working with us.

We don’t have fancy investors, big funding or anything of that sort. We bootstrap our operations with revenues from software development projects. We don’t have to answer to any investors, so our dedication is to you, the developer or marketer… we don’t have any artificial path that our investors would ever ask us to take, for an “exit”. That’s also why we don’t give away products for free – it’s a classic way to run out of money and close the shop down.

Our locations – should you care:

134 N 4th St, 2nd Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11249


206/207 Citi Tower
Navi Mumbai, India